Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling gives you an in depth understanding of your situation and personal relationships, and also helps you recognize significant patterns in your life. Your life experience will be explored to discover new insights, invaluable information and a clear perspective on your alternatives for resolving your present circumstances. Defining your strengths and abilities will be an essential part of this counseling. 

"Working with AKhim is like having a trusted friend by my side who has the innate ability to illuminate with astounding clarity any situation and deliver extraordinary results with humor, kindness and unwavering compassion." 

I found  website by accident, but maybe not as I was drawn to call her. What a wonderful day to have found someone so unique, talented, compassionate and caring. Many months later we are still talking. I think it is fair to say she saved my life which I felt was over. 

All I could do is remember the last two days of her life which I constantly reviewed in my mind. It was like a tape that was stuck on rewind. Tears, sadness, loneliness, isolation and emptiness had become a daily way of life for me. Through your caring help and thoughtful insights, I was helped to remember the 30 years that my wife and I had together, not just two days. 

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