Couple Breaker

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This powerful spell is focused solely on a couple that is not destined to experience true happiness if they stay with each other. If you know such a couple and you feel in your heart they don't belong together, please read on.
Here's what you can do
Continue on with your life and have confidence that this relationship will be terminated soon. It is probably in your best interest to say nothing and not to intercede. However, you can look forward to the day when one of the two, or perhaps both, will see the light and initiate a breakup.
Your mission then is to remain positive that things are going to work out for the best. There are vibrations - spirits, if you will - that are all around us. And they can affect us positively or negatively depending on your state of mind.
Above all, do not give up hope.
Here's what we can do
We'll assign a powerful psychic to apply every ounce of his ability in sending signals to this couple that they are destined to part - and soon! This expert in the field of paranormal will concentrate on your behalf to bring increasing pressure day-by-day to expedite this couple's inevitable separation.
So you do your part and we'll do ours. Although nothing is assured in life, we can promise we'll do everything within our power to make this couple see the light and get on with their lives - without each other.
And we'll do it at blazing fast speed!
Note: This is a very powerful spell and should be requested only if you are absolutely certain you do not want these two people to be happy together.
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